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Client Testimonials 

I was apprehensive about remote training.  I thought I could exercise on my own.  I was wrong.  I am very pleased with the system we’ve worked out I have basic workout supplies yet you have made it a challenge that I enjoy.  It's hard to believe that with just my phone I can get a through work out, but I am. 


You mix up the exercise routine so it's always challenging.  You are cheerful and up-beat but very focused on the exercise routine.  I need that.  It has been a life saver for me.  I cannot thank you enough.  You’ve made it easy.  I highly recommend this for anyone - especially with us all being quarantined.  Thank you. 

Irene C.

Having been a face to face client of Sarah’s for some time, I was surprised by how painlessly she helped me to transition to FaceTime sessions.  I’m a less than tech savvy senior who now finds it easy to set up for and follow her personalized workouts for me.  And at this time of “distancing”, I really look forward to the “connection” with her as well.  My appointments are helping me to stay well in body and spirit during these stressful days.

Kathy M.

The absolute convenience of working out in the comfort of your own home! Right now it’s safer! Most importantly for me was when I relocated I didn’t have to start over with a stranger! I have gained a lot of ground by continuing to work with someone who knows my strengths and weaknesses. And how to push me when I need it.  Right now is the perfect time to try this “virtual trainer “ exercise lowers stress and  who can’t use some of that right now.

Rebecca B.

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