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Working from Home
At-Home Solutions

In light of all the changes our world is experiencing right now, I am offering several solutions to help people forced to work from home to continue training with guided exercise plans from a certified personal trainer.  Continuing to exercise is key to boosting your immunity and your mental health!

Virtual Training

Work with me virtually just like you would in person but from the comfort of your own home via FaceTime or Skype.  I will design and lead you through customized workout programs specific to your goals and available equipment.  No equipment?  No worries!  You can either use an inexpensive band kit or even your own bodyweight.  Read testimonials here.

At-Home Exercise Plans

Do you need a guided exercise plan to help you achieve your fitness goals from home?  I will write a plan specific to your schedule, available equipment, and goals.  We can also schedule periodic check-ins to answer any questions and make sure your plan is going well!

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