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Strength Training for Runners is for runners of any level who want to:

  • Reduce their risk of injury 
  • Increase their strength and power
  • Run faster 


This program includes six total workouts over three phases of training - Stability, Strength, and Power.  Each phase has two different levels of workouts that allow you to continue progressing.  

  • Stability Levels 1 & 2: improve your awareness of where your body is in space, build single leg stability, and improve your core endurance to make you more stability and injury-proof
  • Strength Levels 1 & 2: improve the strength of your prime running muscles and core
  • Power Levels 1 & 2: improve your ability to generate power (ie, push off the ground) to help you run faster for longer 


Each phase includes everything you need to know to perform the exercises and how to progress them.  Video links are included so you can see proper form.


These programs are designed by a certified run coach and certified personal trainer (NASM, ACE) with over 15 years of experience and a master's degree in kinesiology (exercise science).  

Strength Training for Runners Complete Program

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