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Fitness Wear Review: $180 Sneakers - Are They Worth It?

If you know me, you may know I am quite a, um, cost-conscious person. You also may know I like sneakers a lot. It kind of comes with the territory. After a while of being a trainer, you get used to the idea that dress clothes, heels, and even jeans are the stuff of weekends and the few and far between celebration occasion. You've resolved yourself to a life of spandex and sneakers. My closet has gradually been overtaken by every color, length, and style of leggings known to man, and my shoe rack is an assortment of various sneakers. I have a couple of favorites, but I'm not against the idea of trying out something new, as long as they fit into my price range (not so cheap I feel like I'm going to injure myself wearing them, not so expensive I have to take out a mortgage). Which is why, when I heard about the Adidas Ultraboost, I thought, who the h*** buys $180 sneakers?!?!

I am not a very flashy person, and I certainly don't spend oodles on my fitness attire (I wrote a post about that here), but I can tell you one thing...if you design something in my favorite color, I am at least going to give it a second glance. Enter the Ultraboost in "true pink."

Adidas Ultraboost 19

These beauties may not be your cup of tea, but they spoke to me from the get-go, not to mention the name had me dreaming of hacking thirty seconds off my 5K time. Combine all that with a coupon code for THIRTY PERCENT OFF, and this gal was sold! My equally (and perhaps more so) frugal mother said she'd take a pair, too! So truth be told, while they retailed for $180, I "only" paid $126 (still far more than any other athletic shoe I'd ever purchased).

Soon enough my Adidas box arrived and I joyfully tried them on. I was ecstatic at how they fit so well around my mid-foot, which sometimes feels narrow, as if I can't get the laces tight enough. I loved the cushiony response walking around. I decided to test them on a run, and while I wanted to say they were the best shoe EVER, I had to be honest and acknowledge that my Sauconys were still my favorites.

Nevertheless, I still wound up keeping them. They are great for work (although I have noticed the insole is quite mobile and, with the knit design of the upper, I have to be careful it doesn't get jammed up in the back, causing a blister) and I've enjoyed them for being on my feet most of the day. I don't really use them for running and I reinforced what I knew about shoes...

It really comes down to what works for you. You probably shouldn't get the cheapest sneaker, and you probably don't need the most expensive, but if you get crazy and decide to try it, always wait for that coupon code! ;)

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