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Fall into Fitness with the Fall Couch to 5K!

As summer winds down and we start to think about getting back to the regular grind, what better time than to ask yourself, how can I ensure that I build fitness into the fall season?

Why not try my Fall into Fitness Couch to 5K Program! This program is for EVERYONE! Here's the best part, this Couch to 5K (C25K) will feature several exciting components and changes from my spring C25K:

* I've expanded the program by 2 weeks to include a full 10 weeks of preparation to get you ready for your best performance

*This program is open to runners, run-walkers, and walkers alike and your program will be tailored to your specific level

*I know how busy everyone is and making weekly group runs can be tricky. As such, I've included just two specific group runs on predetermined dates that won't interfere with your other training.

*You will also receive supplementary resistance and recovery exercises just for runners/run-walkers/walkers to help you perform you best while minimizing the risk for injury that can be performed in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment.

*I will support your journey along the way as you get ready with weekly emails and of course come to cheer you on Saturday (I am running Sunday).

*Here's the exciting part: this C25K program will culminate in the completion of the Detroit Marathon Weekend 5K (that's 3.1 miles) on Saturday, October 19, 2019! Be a part of Detroit's most exciting running and fitness weekend!

*And best of all, 100% of your Couch to 5K program proceeds will go toward Game on Cancer. This fantastic local organization, which is partnered with Henry Ford Health Systems, the Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Pistons, raises money to assist HFHS cancer patients with supplemental expenses - 100% of Game on Cancer funds go directly to patient assistance, such as rent, car insurance, groceries, utilities, wheelchair ramps, clothing, gas cards, and supportive oncology efforts not covered by insurance. I will be running my Half Marathon on Sunday as a Game On Cancer team member and will be donating all of the C25K proceeds to this wonderful, local organization.

BONUS: You, too, can sign up as a Game on Cancer team member for the Free Press 5K! In addition to the great work you will be doing to support cancer patients, your event registration is FREE and you can even earn the chance to attend a fantastic team member event November 8!

This could be you!

Ready to start your Couch to 5K journey? Here's all the details you need:

Who it's for: anyone who wants to walk, run, or walk-run 3.1 miles

Begins: August 12, 2019

What you get:

- A 10-week R3 leveled program tailored to your level - all walking, walk-run combo, or all running; R3 stands for Running (or walking), Resistance, and Recovery

- A 5K-specific strength program to perform at home with minimal equipment, along with important recovery exercises to minimize soreness, complete with one group class to teach you all of the exercises,

- 2 group runs/walks spread throughout the 10 weeks

-Weekly emails with fitness, nutrition, and recovery tips

- Culminates in completing the Detroit Marathon Weekend 5K (3.1 miles); registration & registration fee are separate (approximately $35-40, depending on when you register)

Event date: Saturday, October 19, 2019 (time TBD)


- C25K program: $100 - all of which will be donated to Game on Cancer

- Event registration: approximately $35-40, depending on when you register (price increases as event nears); race registration includes this snazzy tech shirt (see below), as well as a super awesome race medal to commemorate your hard work (that's last year's)

DOUBLE BONUS: get the kids involved with the Meijer Kids Fun Run, a 0.85 mile run for kids 4-12, only $15

BONUS: Are you interested in participating as Game on Cancer team member? You will sign up for the event through THEIR PAGE FIRST - they will then provide you with a promo code to sign up for the Free Press 5K without paying for your registration. (FYI - a Henry Ford foundation pays for your registration; 100% of your fundraising STILL goes toward patients!) You will also receive a separate t-shirt, race day lunch, and complimentary transportation to/from the start/finish line from Henry Ford, in addition to the aforementioned November 8 event for those who raise at least $150.

So as you are thinking about your next fitness goals, what better way than to improve your own health while helping those dealing with the financial burdens that a cancer diagnosis can bring? I hope you join me August 12 for the Fall Couch to 5K Program and on October 19 for the Free Press 5K!

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