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Living on the Edge...Not Just an Awesome Aerosmith Song

A wise woman once said, "Do one thing every day that scares you." That wise woman was Eleanor Roosevelt and her words are great encouragement to live outside of our comfort zone. They were also a great reminder to me this weekend that I can be a big chicken. This weekend was my last weekend of classes for my Advanced Pilates certification. I took Advanced Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels and it was super challenging. I knew going into it that there were exercises that I am scared of...and I mean really scared of!

When I was young, I was a figure skater. I am used to skating, ice, jumping, and so forth, but I am not used to flipping upside down. Well, that happened one time when my good line dancing friend, Duane, asked me if I was ready for my big back flip. I had seen it done in East Coast Swing all the time and I was like, I MUST DO THAT! But it's scary! (Check out this video if you don't believe me!)

I mean, I am no gymnast and I am definitely a control freak, so letting go completely and letting someone flip you over is SUPER SCARY! So this weekend, I knew there were going to be super scary exercises, like the Walkover and the Handstand. I have never in my childhood or adulthood done anything like this. Somehow jumping on ice seems waaaaaay less frightening to me, so my anxiety was pretty high knowing these were coming. But I decided to try at least one of the super scary ones and I did my first (assisted!) handstand! (Sadly, I did not capture it on film for proof, but I have witnesses!)

I did love learning tons of fun exercises that I will be able to share with my more advanced clients, and giving my beginning and intermediate clients something fun that they can work toward. Personally, while I may have been a little too frightened to try the super scary ones, I know I have something that I can baby step toward.

I also realize that each of us have our strengths and weaknesses. I love exercises that involve upper body strength like this Pull-Up variation,

as well as ones that require back strength:

I am happy that I tried something scary this weekend that freaked me out a little and, even though I was too frightened to do the Walkover, I have something I can work toward in the coming weeks as I prepare for my next exam.

Life is short...I know I can be a chicken, but it is only when we live outside of our comfort zones that we are truly able to grow! In your own life, what do you have that frightens you? Is there something you would like to try in your career or free time that you know you'd love to do, or perhaps should do, but something about it frightens you? How can you baby step it so that you can work toward it and experience the satisfaction of trying something new? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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