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Trainer in Vegas

I recently got back from my own Vegas vacation and I was blown away by how much I walked. My Fitbit was not cooperating, so unfortunately none of it "counted" ;) but my boyfriend wore his Jawbone and we averaged about 30 THOUSAND steps per day! Holy smokes, no wonder my feet hurt! I literally broke two pairs of shoes.

I also found out that, in life after 30, I have NO SHAME in wearing my (very fashionable) sneakers while we commuted down the Strip.

(Don't worry, I took them off when we arrived at our show.) I know I must have gotten a few snickers and stares, but you know what? My feet felt amazing! All the walking was worth it because I made a golden little discovery in Vegas - a gem of a place called Yogurtland! Shut the front door, this place is amazing. If you've never experienced such a thing, imagine the Old Country Buffet of fro-yo. Or the chance to jump over the counter at DQ and DIY. That's right - a wall of at least 10 flavors, from chocolate brownie batter to strawberry to New York Cheesecake, then every topping you could ever dream of, and some that I didn't even recognize (apparently "Boba" are what they put into bubble tea!). I found a favorite in Cookies & Cream mixed with all of my favorites - M&Ms, brownie pieces, strawberries, and chocolate chips. It was heaven in a cup and I managed to eat there three times that week!

I was so smitten with Yogurtland that I, of course, searched for one here in Michigan when I returned, but to no avail. I did, however, find it's Michigan rival - Menchie's! And it's close to my house. So here was my creation.

Don't ask about the gummy shark - it was just one of those had to do it type things. So suffice it to say, Menchie's won't be a daily occasion, but it sure sounds good right now!

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